Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to clear the list of recent documents.

We all know that recently opened documents by a user is saved and it is displayed in microsoft windows xp and vista start menu. People who feel that this option spoils their privacy can get of rid of that by following few simple steps.

1. Click on start menu, now the start menu will pop up where you can find my recent documents, if you place the mouse pointer over there, you can see the list of recent documents or recent items(in vista). We are going to clear this list.

2.Right click on the start menu. A window will pop up where you can see start menu properties. Click on the "start menu" tab and again click on "customize tab".

3. In that window click on the "advanced" tab. Now click on the "clear list" tab. Now the list will be empty.

4.To disable the entire feature you can uncheck the “List my most recently opened documents” option.