Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Easy Way to Delete User Accounts in Windows 7

Your computer may be having two or more user accounts in the operating system. In case you feel that you do not want that accounts anymore, you can easily delete it. On the other side you can retain the files saved by those users.

It is a very easy process and it takes only seconds. But think twice before deleting any user account.

1. Type User Accounts in the search bar located in the start menu. Now click on manage other accounts.

2. Now the list of user account will be displayed. Select the user account that you want to delete.

3. Now you will have the delete option. Just click on that. Be cautious while doing this operation. Do not delete any other accounts by mistake.

4. Now you will be given an option to save the files of that user. If you do not want that files anymore, you can click no.

5. If you want it, then click on yes. Now you will be asked for the location to save those files. Click the correct path and save it.

6. Now the task is complete and the unwanted user account is deleted permanently.

I believe that this article will be very helpful to you.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Creting shorcut for hybernating your computer

Hibernation mode in a computer allows us to save a lot of power and we can restart the computer as its when it was turned off. Now you are going to learn how to create a short cut icon for hibernation mode, so that we can put our computer into the hibernation mode(in windows 7) as quick as possible.

1. In your desktop of the computer right-click in the empty space and click on "new short cut" form the context tab.

2. Now a window will pop up which will guide you in creating the short cut. In that field type
C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe powrprof.dll, SetSuspendState 0,1,0

3. Now name the short cut as "Hibernate" or as you wish.

4. Now you can find the short cut on your desktop.

5.You might think that the icon does not have an attractive look. Now let us change the icon's appearance.

6.Click the Shortcut Tab and left click the Change Icon tab.

7. "In the Look for icons in this file " paste the following then hit enter.


8. Now a group of icons will pop up and from that you can select your desired icon.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to clear the list of recent documents.

We all know that recently opened documents by a user is saved and it is displayed in microsoft windows xp and vista start menu. People who feel that this option spoils their privacy can get of rid of that by following few simple steps.

1. Click on start menu, now the start menu will pop up where you can find my recent documents, if you place the mouse pointer over there, you can see the list of recent documents or recent items(in vista). We are going to clear this list.

2.Right click on the start menu. A window will pop up where you can see start menu properties. Click on the "start menu" tab and again click on "customize tab".

3. In that window click on the "advanced" tab. Now click on the "clear list" tab. Now the list will be empty.

4.To disable the entire feature you can uncheck the “List my most recently opened documents” option.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Auto save in Microsoft excel

The microsoft geeks has given you a great option called "auto save" in excel. Actually this is a very powerful tool for you. Normally the spread sheet saves by itself for each and every ten minutes. But in less than ten minutes a lot can happen. You have a option to adjust this frequency. Let see how can we make this happen.But keep in mind that anything can happen to your computer or the network that you are connected. It will be better if you have copy of these files in a removable media like CD, flash drive or an external hard disk.

1.A drop down menu will will open, there click on the Save tab in the drop down menu.

2.after this click the Save Auto-recovery check box and hit enter the required time in the settings field.

3. Now your on the safer side. Hit the OK button and finish the task successfully.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A simple trick to change the size of the picture instantly.

You might be facing the situation where you need to resize the picture, for the purpose of posting it in your blog, or while uploading your profile pictures in any of the social networking sites. There is a simple way to overcome this problem and here we go...

1. This can be done only if you download a light weight power toy from the following link.
Download here .

2.Since this power toy is specially designed for Windows xp, it will be very easy for you to install this.

3. Once the installation is complete. Right click on the photo that you are going to re-size and now click on resize.

4. For instance in the normal Mode you will have four different options. small-854×480, Medium -, Large - 1920×1080 , or Mobile Device - 320×480.

5. If you want that to convert into a customized size, you can click on the "advanced" tab.

6. The task is completed and save the picture in a desired location. This power toy works in Windows 7 also with both 32-bit and 64-bit option.