Thursday, December 24, 2009

Converting word documents into pdf

You can see a lot of junks in the web for converting your word documents into pdf. I know that you are not satisfied with those. You will never get the exact replica of your word document in pdf format. Let us see how to make that conversion task very easier. But one thing, this works only with Office 2007 package

1. First let us download a small plugin (click this to download). Don't worry this links directs you to the virus free microsoft website.

2. Now install the plugin by running it.

3. open a existing word document now. Now we are going create a pdf version of that document.

4. Click on the office button (a circular button located in the top right corner of the word window)

5. Move your over the " Save as" option, now an other menu will pop up where you can find "pdf" option. click on that and publish it.

6. Cool, a pdf version of your word document will be stored next to the original content without any changes.

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