Friday, December 25, 2009

Making Office 2003 compatible for opening Office 2007 files

After the release of Microsoft office 2007 the Office 2003 users started facing difficulty in opening the documents, presentations and spreadsheets. We have a simple solution offered by microsoft to solve this problem. Let us discuss what kind of solution they are offering.

1. Normally a word document will have an extension of .doc, .ppt for power point presentations and for excel spread sheets its .ppt .

2. Where as in Office 2007 package microsoft made it very complex. .docx for word documents, .xlsx for excel spread sheets and .pptx for power point presentations. It is here the compatibility issue arises.

3. The person who is using Microsoft Office 2003 package cannot open the documents, spreadsheets and presentations created using the Office 2007 package.

4.Want to solve this issue?, Here is the simple solution. Download a simple patch from the following link,

5. Don't worry about any viruses, you are directly downloading it from the microsoft website.

6. Run that patch and now the issue is fixed.